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My Daily Routine

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As a very high level Faucethub user who has been around for a while, I understand how to get money in the best ways, I will show you these ways.

I start my day on internet with music but the intresting part is that I get paid for listening music, yup, you heard it right I am not kidding. Its called Bitradio it is kind of a faucet where we can listen to music and get paid easy peasy. If you dont like to listen to music no problem, you can mute it and do other work in background I keep the tab open and muted the whole day and earn money for nothing :) join here!

So the music is running in background and you are earning after this I goto leakltc and click ads for Litecoin.

Allcoins is a site with 22+ currencies, instant withdraw to Faucethub and to your wallet directly. Timer is only 4 minutes, I claim this all day.

Febbit is a cool site where I make ALOT of money, normally 100+ satoshi per minute without doing anything, all I need to do is click once every 2-3 minutes.

Indexbitco you can click ads and get 20 satoshi per 5 seconds with unlimited ads, I click these all day too.

I make $5-$8 per day with these sites.